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La Lumière Des Étoiles

IC Introduction
I'm Alisha. Alisha St. James. You may not know my name yet, but you're going to. I'm an actress in New York. An actual, honest to god, working actress. Well, okay. Sometimes I substitute teach. And maybe temp. But just to bring in a little extra because New York is so very expensive. I went to NYU for my theatre degree and regularly take classes at the Actor's Studio. I've had several leading roles in off-Broadway shows and a couple of smaller parts on Broadway, plus a few guest spots on TV shows and a national commercial. My big break came when I was cast last year as Meg Giry in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. If you recognize me? That's why.

Anyway, I grew up in Virginia, just outside of Richmond, and came up here when I was 18. Mama was a bit appalled, and Daddy's never going to approve (he's a lawyer and in politics) but I've never regretted it in the least little bit. It's not easy work. Long hours, hard days. But there's nothing better than being on the stage. Connecting with folks that way. Reaching out and just...touching them. Touching their hearts, their souls. Acting forces us to reveal our deepest selves, or it just looks fake. It's standing as bare of any mask as you can be, even though that may seem like a complete contradiction. But it's only when you have to break down a fictional character to their smallest parts and then put them back on yourself that you truly show yourself. How you see the character. How you wear her. There's nothing better. Nothing scarier. It's what I live for.

So, that's me, and I'm here and I look forward to getting to know y'all a bit better and myself in the process.
OOC Information
Alisha is an original character from my novel Reason to Remember and the series which will follow it, including, eventually, her own novel, A Jaded Juliet. As such, she is my sole property, and I hold the copyright. She's represented here by Kate Hudson, who I am not, and who owns herself--I'm just borrowing her, as her effervescense really captures Alisha in my head. :-)

Writer behind Alisha is ladyofbrileith. You can contact me at my LJ, through PM, or on AIM at ladyofbrileith.

Alisha's header is by the very talented and generous rogueapprentice.
RP Information
Canon 'verse: Alisha is connected to cuimhnigh, rogue_charmer, kings_companion, court_trained, killingsoftly and capturedworlds who are all mine in their canon 'verses as well and in the RP that has developed as they have interacted with other people's characters who have wanted to play with the world I've created just as it is, with Sidhe and magic and so on and so forth. Anyone who'd like to play with Alisha in that arena is more than welcome--she knows about magic and Sidhe, has been to Faerie, believes in reincarnation, and really could use a drink, because planning a wedding in NYC that has to involve a fairy prince is hard work. ;-)

Choices 'verse: Less magic, though, since this 'verse incorporates Heroes, Buffy/Angel and Alias fandoms, it may still work in. Alisha's working in NYC as an actress, as per canon, and Keelia's still her best friend and Melissa's still a friend, etc, but she's met and is highly intrigued by a certain former D.A., almost Congressman Nathan Petrelli (notacargojet). He seems likewise intrigued. But there are a lot of complications she knows nothing about involved in Nathan's life, and where it goes from here is anyone's guess...
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