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The cavemen win, obviously. I mean, the astronauts are probably far hotter, but it's not like they teach them to fight or anything, do they? Maybe they do, but I'm thinking combat skills aren't really high on NASA's training program, because no one REALLY thinks that there's hostile aliens out there or that it'll come to hand to hand combat. But the cavemen are like wrestling and clubbing sabretooth tigers over their heads and shit.

So despite a regrettable lack of hygiene, they clearly have the advantage in a battle and would prevail over the immaculately groomed astronauts, which is sad when you think how far the whole state of manliness has fallen. Except not really, because despite Katy Perry's anti metrosexual thing with "Ur So Gay" I've got to say there's nothing wrong with a man who takes care of himself. I mean, I don't want to share my jeans or anything, but there's something to be said for a man with well-groomed hands, and knows what to do with them. But they'd probably be useless in a fight against a caveman with a club, I'll admit. So, cavemen.

Hopefully it never comes to that. The world would be in a sorry state if cavemen came back, though I'd argue there's some parts of the world where they haven't quite left. But they probably aren't fighting with astronauts.

Except maybe in bars in Texas when they're on shore leave or whatever they might call it in the astronaut world.

Huh--possibly this isn't as preposterous of a question as it seems on its face...


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